Arsonal vs. K-Shine

sm3 part 2

On September 23rd, URL released the first battle of the night from summer madness.  Arsonal vs K-shine was one of those battles where you dont know what to expect.  The very first round was very great actually.  Arsonal had some really good bars and had the crowd on his side.  Arsonal is known for being disrespectful with being on stage with opponents.  In the contract, performers can not be physical with               one-another but he clearly is in Shine’s face with his hands and bumping him making shine uncomfortable.  When Shine was about to battle he came out with a lot of aggression and some good punch lines.  He had some microphone issues starting off but it didn’t affect his performance at all.  I will give Arsonal the first round because of the punchlines that he kept delivering.  He really had the crowd on his side the first round.  the second round was even to me.  K-Shine really came with some really good bars the second round.  But the third round was very interesting.  The crowd really boo’d Arsonal for the majority of his third round, for what reason, i have no idea.  Shine last round wasnt really that great either.  So I’m not sure on who I will give that round too.  But it really was a decent battle.



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