Calicoe vs T-Rex

sm3 part 3

On September 28th, URL released the second battle of the Summer Madness 3 event.  T-Rex started off the first round and man did he deliver.  Rex has always been a performer that has never had a dull moment in a battle.  He’s very lyrical consistent and has great delivery.  He really set the bar for Calicoe to come with something better than he did.  Calicoe first round was crazy.  He has always been consistent and the face of the URL movement.  He had punchlines that really wasn’t fit for his style but it shows how much he’s grown and versatile.  Calicoe gets the first round due to his creativity and delivery while Rex was typical Rex, consistent.  Second round was pretty much even as well.  For some reason some performers take the second round pretty easy and lose the crowd a little bit.  Though the rappers had some great bars, they still missed the delivery that they had in the first round.  The third round was very weak for both i think.   T-Rex round was very short and Calicoe’s was too long.  Very lackadaisical  on Calicoes behave to the point where he was boo’d by the crowd.  I will give it to Calicoe because of his new lines and new delivery.



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