Album Review: Pusha T “My Name Is My Name”

Pusha T released a stream to his new album “My Name Is My Name” last Tuesday night to Myspace music. Although its not set to release until tomorrow Push tweeted a link to his fans and world to listen to the album before its official release date.

My initial reaction to the album was “wow”. This album is such a good hip hop album. I listened to it from cover to cover 5 times. This album takes a close look into the rappers life that we haven’t been able to see before. He focuses on his upbringing around drugs as a child and how he became intertwined into that system and basically says that’s how I became who I am. He also explores the relationship he now has with his brother Malice who used to be in the group Clipse with him. He explores how Malice’s new found faith is the reason why they are on separate paths but Pusha raps about how no matter what path they are on they will always come together to support each other.

"MNIMN" Listening Event

Many people who have reviewed Push’s album claim how he is single minded throughout the album, however, I disagree. The rapper took what he knew and put so much passion and power into in and created a good album. When you write about subjects and issues you’ve experience it puts an emotion behind it that you can’t create otherwise and you can feel that while listening to this album.

My favorite songs on the album are “40 Acres” and “Nosetalgia”. In these two songs alone we are taken into Pusha’s mind and he reveals a lot of things fans and listeners didn’t know before.

Overall it is a good album and I couldn’t be more please with the GOOD Music rapper.


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