Is Kanye West A Genius?

Last night legend Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to settle their twitter dispute. Well sort of…


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.33.55 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.34.41 PM

What did happen is Kimmel sat back and let Mr. West go on yet another rant. Only this time it made a lot more sense. Kanye is challenging everything, from music execs, fashion, race and even politics. This last rant tells us one thing about the Chicago rapper… he’s a genius.


The entire West vs Kimmel feud started when the rapper did an interview with BBC. Kanye ranted about anything and everything that affects today’s society. He even went as far as comparing himself to Vanellope Von Schweetz from the cartoon movie “Wreck It Ralph”. Yeah the “glitch”.

“Have y’all ever seen Wreck-It Ralph? You remember how that girl in there … she was the glitch? You tellin’ me they don’t look at me like I’m the … glitch? You tellin’ me people don’t look at Kanye West like the glitch? Right now. And she was on the side of the video game, the whole time! It’s in my code. It’s in my code.”

Long story short Kanye’s rants seem to be more and more epic every time. He talks about culture, creativity, music, law and basically all things we as people face. Even though the way these messages are delivered aren’t the best Mr. West is becoming a genius in my eyes simply because of how he continuously challenges the system. Now every time the rapper goes on his rant people pay closer attention. Bravo, Mr. West!

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