Rose continues to improve

Derrick Rose keeps on improving as preseason makes its way through October. While many thought Rose would be rusty in the preseason because he missed NBA action for 17 months, they were were wrong, especially after the Bulls win over the Memphis Grizzlies 106-87 on Monday.

Rose hit double digits again in points with 13 in 23 minutes.

“I wasn’t winded,” Rose said. “That’s one of the reasons why when I got the ball [I was] just trying to push it every time, and I’m surprising myself. I guess I’m in a little bit of conditioning. And having to guard Mike [Conley], chasing him around the whole court all the time, I think I did all right.”

Rose has shown that hard work really pays off in the end. With all the criticism he received last season, he looks primed to prove everyone wrong this season and maybe show that he is a better player.

Rose obviously still has some rust, due to his free throw shooting. In the first half he went 1-for-5 from the line, but he has quickly turned back into the same explosive player he was before the injury.

The Bulls’ next game is in Rio de Janiero against the Washington Wizards.

Here’s the full highlights against the Grizzlies.

Photo courtesy goes to Sorento66



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