NYCC Video Game Updates.

Image courtesy of  charlesfettinger

Image courtesy of charlesfettinger

New York Comic Con is currently going on from October 10th to the 13th and although video games are the primary focus of the event they still make up for a good portion of the convention also many fans dress up in cosplay of their favorite characters.  Making it even more important that I mention the current games that are receiving buzz around the convention.

South Park the Stick of Truth a game that many people have been waiting for since it was originally slated to come out last March until publisher THQ went bankrupt and sold the property to Ubisoft. The game is set in the town of South Park and it shows many famous characters from the series battling it out for the stick of truth.

It has been revealed in a hands off play session that the environment can be interacted with by the characters when they are in battle, such as exposed flames being combined with gas to set off an explosion to damage your enemy. Although the game is slated for this December many reviewers are remaining positive that the game will be fun even if they have not gotten a chance to play it yet. The Role Playing Game is set in a fantasy setting and from what has been seen from trailers and game play looks exactly like the show.

In other news a panel was held for Grand Theft Auto Five where questions and stories were answered by the game that had recently broken seven world records. The Amazing Spiderman 2 Video game was announced with the release date not mentioned yet.

And with one more day left for New York Comic Con who knows what can still be announced or receive crowd buzz.


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