Organizations considering changes to video games

Video games have been a form of entertainment for many, bridging generation gaps and expanding to several platforms. But when it comes to a new medium especially one that

Image courtesy of dan taylor

Image courtesy of dan taylor

provides the user so much control video games are criticized for many things and face censorship.

Two news stories have come out about how video games should be change in different ways. The Red Cross wishes for games to include realism for war crimes. Trying to make sure the acts are not trivialized by have the player face no repercussions for their actions.

Video games have always been criticized for their violence and unrealism, but people tend to shrug that off since playing a video game can be an escape from realism for people.  Grand Theft Auto if you are gunned down for stealing a tank you wake up in the hospital and have to a pay a bill. Many games tend to punish you with a harder difficult for breaking the rules.

In another story the Russian government is set to fund their own “Patriotic” video game they are in talks with many local developers. The games are meant to be patriotic while it was also mentioned that titles that distort history could be banned. Specifics were not given on want could qualify as material that could be banned. Some video games are historically inaccurate so we will just have to see how they will handle each title if guidelines will be set or if it will be case by case is unknown.

What comes closest to this might be games that act as simulator training for the military, but for any popular medium it makes sense that any government or organization would be involved in some way.



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