Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day.  Until about 10 minutes ago I didn’t know who Ada Lovelace was or what she did. All I knew that she was an important woman and that the day was used to celebrate female scientists. So who was Ada Lovelace?  Well first off she was a noble of 17th Century England. She was the daughter of Lord Byron , a poet.  But Ada was not interested in the arts.  She was a scientist and considered the “first computer programmer” because of her work with mathematics and her ideas about what we know call a computer.. Lovelace her self called herself a Analyst (& Metaphysician). So here’s to Ada Lovelace and female scientists everywhere.

Ada_Lovelace_portrait (1)Wikimedia_UK_Ada_Lovelace_Day_2012_cake


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