Turkey Day

There are many myths and legends about how Thanksgiving came to be the celebrated holiday that it is today, but how can we ever be sure what the truth is? In school I was taught that the Pilgrims and Indians were the first people to establish and take part in a Thanksgiving meal. After reading and article on the internet, I found that there are people in Virginia and Texas that say they had the first celebration of Thanksgiving and did it over two decades before the Pilgrims and Indians supposedly did. None of these claims have ever been proven completely right or wrong.


There is also the ever so famous myth that the Pilgrims and Indians ate turkey at the Thanksgiving meal they had. This was never proven either. It is true that the Pilgrims were accustomed to eating turkey but it has never been clear as to whether or not they served turkey for their Thanksgiving meal. The article I read said that the only meat that has ever been proven to be eaten by the Pilgrims and Indians that day was deer. The article also stated that the Pilgrims and Indians did not have corn, cranberries or potatoes.

I wish that we could know the exact details of how the first Thanksgiving meal or celebration took place but who knows if the truth will be revealed. I am glad that Thanksgiving celebrations have evolved into what they are today; a time for family and friends to share while stuffing their faces with greasy foods of deliciousness and watching hours of football on television. Not to mention the week-long break from school!



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