Call Of Duty Countdown

Call of Duty Ghosts launches this Tuesday and as the Call of Duty franchise is considered the biggest in gaming this post will be dedicated to the news that is surrounding the newest title. 

The latest news is the reveal of the new extinction mode, where the players will be matched up against aliens in a mode that seems rather similar to the zombie modes of past games. From the trailers it seems that players will be charged with several tasks while trying to survive hordes of aliens. These tasks according to the trailer include defending a drill and detonating a bomb. 

For the first time in franchise history players will be able to select a female avatar

Image courtesy of Doug Kline

Image courtesy of Doug Kline

to play as they go through the multiplayer modes. The option to have a female avatar has been called upon for years and it allows for more of connection between player and avatar. 

Squads mode is also new to the franchise where players can customize the AI difficultly and have other players try and beat their mode. Weapon layouts, enemy difficulty are changeable. The AI is also said to be very unique as it will copy play styles of real players and try those techniques against you.  

Blitz mode is a new take on capture the flag as instead of players trying to grab a flag they are trying to score a point by getting to the highlighted spot. With a cool down rate on the selected spot to keep players from cycling through with ease.

The inclusion of these new modes shows that the makers of the franchise wish for longevity in their and keep the players entertained. 

Call of Duty Ghosts launches November fifth.



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