Holiday Releases 2013

Several games are either on the verge of release or have released in preparation for holiday shopping. This post is to help weed through everything that is coming out and discuss the popular opinion of some of the newly released games.

Assassins Creed Black flag takes place when pirates stormed the seas and their was much political unrest.  This game developed by Ubisoft Montreal is the fourth in the series. The Assassins Creed franchise places you in the shoes of a assassin and you must use your tricks and skill to take out targets. The game has received overall positive reviews with Gamespot giving it a nine out of 10, and IGN giving it an eight point five out of ten.

Battlefield 4

is the newest installment of the Battle field franchise. The military shooter franchise received criticism during the beta, but seems to have turned things around. The multi player modes seems to be the strong point of this game, while the single player campaign has received some criticism.

Call of Duty Ghosts has a lot of hype around it as it is considered one of the most anticipated games of the holiday season. The game is adding several modes to it including extinction a new alien survival mode, but like any Call of Duty game its longevity will depend on its replay ability and that is what the developers seem to be going for.

Other games worth mentioning include Knack, Batman Arkham Origins, Super Mario 3D world.




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