Obama Greets Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawk’s took a trip to the White House to celebrate their second Stanley Cup championship in President Obama’s term of Office.

Patrick Kane told the Chicago Sun Times’ Matt Lazerus that he could tell the president wanted more Chicago teams to pay a visit.

Although Kane did not need to say that, the president himself petitioned to the other chicago franchises, telling them they were running out of time.

“Since I’ve been president, only one team has brought a world championship to my hometown of Chicago,” he said. “And now the Blackhawks have done it twice. Twice! So congratulations again to the Blackhawks. To the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, White Sox — I am term-limited, so you guys have got to get moving. I need to see you here soon. Championships belong in Chicago.”

Championships do belong in Chicago, Mr. President.

Even so, the Blackhawks are the only team to bring one thus far, but that did not stop the Commander in Chief from poking fun at one of the Blackhawks who was instrumental in bringing the Stanley Cup back to Chicago.

‘‘We were originally going to let Corey Crawford say a few words today, but we thought we’d keep this family event family-friendly,’’ Obama said.

Crawford, who gave a spirited speech filled with explicit language at the victory parade, could not hide his embarrassment, and the joke elicited quite a few laughs from the other members of the Blackhawks, Lazerus said in his report.

The Hawks were off yesterday and play at home tomorrow against the Winnipeg jets and currently sit second in their division at 9-2-4


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