South Park The Stick of Truth delayed.

South Park The Stick of Truth has been delayed for the second time now after Ubisoft said the game needed to be worked on some more. This pushes South Park the

Image courtesy of   Doug Kline

Image courtesy of Doug Kline

Stick of Truth to March when it was set to be released in December of this year.

This is not the first time the game has been delayed before the rights to the game were bought by Ubisoft after THQ went bankrupt the game was pushed from the March release date to a holiday release which was later said to be in December. This means the game has now been delayed for over a year now and is testing the patience of gamers, but should gamers be worried?

A delayed game usually means that the developers needed more time to work on the product normally fixing bugs or glitches, also since the game has changed hands during the entire process it makes the transition that much more difficult.

Obsidian entertainment is developing the game they also worked on Fallout New Vegas a game that received much criticism for its day one bugs and glitches. It is hard to say why the game was delayed, but it might have been for the best that Ubisoft is in no rush to release unlike THQ who was looking for a big hit before they went bankrupt.

Either way the game does look promising. With the voice actors from the show voicing the game and Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of the show are deeply involved with it as well. Also a seven minute video was released after the announcement of the delay to show hoe the game currently looks.


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