Bulls struggle to start the season

The Chicago Bulls have not exactly played like they look on paper this past week in a half. The Bulls lost opening night 107-95 to the Miami Heat down in Miami in which the team struggled to score throughout the game.

Derrick Rose struggled in his official return to the court. After playing very well in preseason, Rose looked completely different in the games that count. It was the first time you could tell that the team missed Nate Robinson because the scoring off the bench struggled to much going at all.

Their next game against the New York Knicks was a lot better. The Bulls had a double-digit lead, but let the Knicks back in the game eventually. It came down to the end where Derrick Rose looked like the old Rose with a game winning shot with just seconds remaining. The Bulls won 82-81.

Their third game was an absolute embarrassment for the Bulls. They played the 76ers, a team projected to be in the lottery this coming June for the NBA Draft, but they sure didn’t look like a team going to the lottery.

The Bulls had a double-digit lead but once again let the 76ers back in the game, but this time gave up the lead and could not comeback to win. Add that game to the list of “what ifs” at the end of the season. The 76ers won 107-014

This past Wednesday the Bulls played their division rival Indiana Pacers. I was actually luck enough to attend this game. The game was close throughout the game, but the Pacers took over the game in the 4th quarter. The Bulls struggled to score, and for some reason Derrick Rose sat for almost 10 minutes in the second half. By the time Thibbs put Rose back in the Pacers had momentum to finish the game strong. The Pacers won 97-80.



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