Playstation 4: Believe the hype

Recently I just bought Sony’s newest gaming console the Playstation 4 at launch, and  I’m not one for getting consoles during their launch period. My reasoning behind that is plenty, either their too expensive, (2006’s PS3 was $500 and 600 upon release), which leads to me not having any dough, I want to wait until all the bugs are worked out, or I’m still interested in my current gen of consoles.

Let me just say that the PS4 is a gorgeous piece of machinery, it’s new sleek and slanted look give it a more art deco feel; the console has a fan on almost every side, but the front. The face of the system is touch screen and it practically runs silently while gaming to the heart’s desire. Playstation 4’s interface is also not something to snuff at, with its’ crystal clear look, or the soothing menu music, that compliments Sony’s trademark blue background.

When I first fired the system up, I was terrified that I was going to get a system error such as the Blue light of death (BLOD), or that my $400 was spent purchasing a bricked console–none of which happened thankfully. The blue light shifted to it’s white counterpart and the Playstation logo was soon on my screen prompting me for a system customize. Everything was working just fine–until I tried to update… an error came up that read NW-134823 (something like that). My first thought was, oh God, however, after resetting my router and retrying at least seven times, I was able to download and install their firmware 1.51 update without anymore issues.

I’m going on day three of having my console and actually playing it and I can say that Sony has indeed outdone themselves, I was lucky enough to get one during launch (curtesy of, and with out any launch errors as well. My system has a 2-year warranty on it, and Sony has personally promised to fix any issues gamers might have, which will give me an additional room of support. It may be too early to say this, but I feel as though Microsoft’s Xbox One has lost this console war. Xbox One dropped two days ago and did well, it also looks nice and has a pretty decent game library, but not as good as the PS4’s.

I’ve already pre-ordered three games for my system and I know of three other games I’m eagerly awaiting to play; I’ve seen only one game for the new Xbox that looks interesting to me and that’s saying something. I’m going to go back to playing Killzone Shadow Fall and then blog about that later.


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