Xbox One Launch and Reactions


Image Courtesy of EMR

The Xbox One hit store shelves on Friday November 22 where it would it break sales records as over 1 million consoles would be sold on its launch. A week after Sony released their PlayStation 4 Microsoft has had a shaky start leading up to the launch where many controversial requirements where added then removed from the Xbox One after very negative fan reaction.

Now though it seems those it seems those worries can be put to rest as the third installment of the Xbox series has shattered expectations. Though it appears new worries might be popping up as several reports of the console being unable to play disks have arose. From past launches bugs were to be expected when it comes to online services and the start up of digital infrastructures. But if the problem is hardware related Microsoft will have to exchange out the consoles right now though Microsoft is currently looking into the issue.

The Xbox One cost $499 dollars a hundred more than the PlayStation 4, but also comes equipped with a Kinect whereas for the PlayStation 4’s camera buyer’s will have to buy that separately.

For launch titles players can now play exclusives such as Killer Instinct and Forza Motorsport 5. Other games that are available on the Xbox One and on other consoles include Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Madden NFL 25 and many others.

Due to massive sales the Xbox One is sold out in many major retailers. 


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