PlayStation 4 Launch and reactions.

The PlayStation 4 launched a week before Microsoft’s Xbox One and like the Xbox One the PlayStation 4 has surpassed expectations selling over a million units in the first twenty four hours. This is where the similarities end though as both consoles had a very different experience to this point.

While the Xbox One faced a PR disaster at its announcement the PlayStation 4 had received much praise on its design and its dedication to the hardcore gamers. The Xbox One focused more on integration than it did on exclusives where the

PlayStation 4 focused on games and hardware. This appeared to have given Sony the edge, but after much retraction and announcements Microsoft was able to get back on track and it appears both consoles will be much sought after during the holidays.

The PlayStation 3 received criticism for many things during its launch one was price and the PlayStation 4 is actually launching at $499 a hundred dollars cheaper than what the PS3 launched for. Another thing was the controller well this time around the new dual shock controller offers a sleeker experience and touch pad integration.

The PlayStation 4 launch titles include exclusives such as Knack, and Killzone Shadow Fall and other cross platform games like Madden NFL 25 and Fifa 14.


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