Storytelling in Gaming

Recent rumors from many reputable sources within the video game industry have reported the Telltale is working on a new Game of Thrones game. This is based off of the popular series of books that has spawned a very popular TV show on HBO. Renowned for its great story Game of Thrones tells the story of many people who plot and make alliances with others in hopes of claiming the iron throne and controlling the land.

Game of Thrones has been made into a video game before with very little success and bad reviews, but now Telltale is supposedly working on a new version. Going with their past franchises the game will probably be a point and click adventure than its predecessor that was m

Image courtesy of Gudlyf

Image courtesy of Gudlyf

ore of an action rpg.

Telltale has already tackled franchise like Jurassic Park, back to the Future and most recently The Walking Dead which was renowned for it great story telling.

As a fan of Game of Thrones and video games I was excited to hear the news, but was slightly disappointed that Telltale will be working on it. I know the game will probably be a great story, but as a gamer I feel that it will not be enough. Video games should combine interactivity with story telling for an overall immersive experience, but point and click adventures tend to be mostly a string of cut scenes mixed with environment puzzles.

Only time will tell though whether this games will appeal to the masses or only the core point and click adventure audience.


One thought on “Storytelling in Gaming

  1. I also love Game of Thrones and video games… but I generally do not play games that are spun off movies/tv/whatever. I find the whole “Oh this is a popular movie, now we have to make a game!” mentality tiresome. I know some good games have come out of it (Lord of the Rings games), but overall, I’m not into it.

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