Warcraft Movie delayed.

The Movie based on the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft has been delayed to 2016 in order to avoid the release date of Star Wars Episode VII. Universal announced this today.

Recently announced at this years Blizzcon

Image courtesy of  juanpol

Image courtesy of juanpol

and it will be an origin story. The movie will follow the first contact that Orcs and Humans make in the games and will be based off the second game of the franchise.

The movie was announced back in 2006 and stayed in development hell until 2013 where director Duncan Jones who released various bits of news on the film. A teaser for the movie was at this years comic con as well.

The video game genere has been burdened by sub par to mediocre movies with only a few being successes with Resident Evil being one of the biggest to movies like Mortal Kombat that did ok to movies that were down right awful like Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

This is exciting news for both video game and Warcraft fans as many past video game movies have faced pushed up release dates and very small budgets, but it seems that the Warcraft movie will have a chance when it is released in 2016.


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