Steam Sale puts other websites and stores to shame.

As a gamer I have recognized that I have an expensive hobby  games are luxury item that require a lot of accessories and upgrades. You have the controller the console

Image courtesy of mattgarber

Image courtesy of mattgarber

you might have to pay for online and of course no one buys just one game and new they run around$60. That is why the past couple of years I have braved the weekend after Thanksgiving in search of cheap games that I never got around to playing when they first came out. But this year I worked the night of Thanksgiving and could not get to my local Walmart in time to get any really good games, so I decided not to go and I am glad I did not.

I had just bought a gaming PC and downloaded steam a couple months back and on a whim I decided to check it out and to my shock and delight I noticed many games under $10 dollars and even then there were promises of more sales yet to come. Instead of braving the cold and crowds I was now warm in my own home with new games downloading.

Of course Steam has its limits all games are digital so anyone who wants a hard copy is out of luck and everything is computer gaming as well so anyone who restricted to a console is out of luck as well. This works to Steam’s benefit though as not having to deal with other companies like Microsoft or Sony and not having to produce a hard copy allows them to cut costs that other stores would not be able to do.

Steam is truly

ahead of the curb as they have been for years as the industry slowly creeps to a digital only market Steam will be there arms wide open to embrace. So next holiday season if you have a gaming PC and hate Black Friday shopping stay at home and let the deal come to you.


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