Virtual Reality is the future of gaming.

The concept of virtual reality is nothing new it is a topic that has sprung up in books and movies over the years, but the reality always felt too far off in the distance to be

Image Courtesy of   andreas_fischler

Image Courtesy of andreas_fischler

taken seriously as a possible form of entertainment. But the Oculus Rift is set to make that fiction into a reality. A headset designed to fully immerse a person into a first person virtual world the Oculus looks to be the next logical step in gaming as the industry keeps moving to more immersion and integration of their products. The Rift is still in development, but kits have been sent out to many game developers as a test to see what can be done with the technology.

But what makes the Rift different then say the disaster that was Nintendo’s Virtual Boy a clunky eye hurting experience. Well time appears to be the biggest factor technology was not ready at the time. Competition also helps spark a better product as well and though the Oculus Rift has gotten the most press Sony is also currently working on their own VR headset and it is only a matter of time before others join in as well.

But a headset can only go so far no matter how much you feel that you are in another world there is still a controller in you hands and that is what makes the Omni treadmill so exciting. The device straps the gamer in and allows for walking, running and jumping. One could only imagine what that could do to change the first person shooter industry.

Whether you are excited for VR or not the fact is that these next ten years will be quite interesting for the industry.


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