Persona news.

Persona 5 has been announced for the PlayStation 3 after a countdown clock revealed that the games was coming out. The game is set to be released winter 2014 in Japan no

Image courtesy of tbiley

Image courtesy of tbiley

release date has been made for the United States. Persona 5 is a RPG and is the fifth entry into the main series of Persona games and revolves around the player gaining different personas to use for battle against the computer. A persona is a summon-able creature.

Along with that Persona Q Shadows of the Labyrinth will land on the 3ds in June 2014. Persona landing on a Nintendo console also helps the franchise branch more out to different fans where before it was mostly on Sony consoles.

Additional details of the plot have also been released each of the main character we if restrained by society in one way or another. The protagonists will once again be high school students as well. The first teaser trailer shows five empty chairs with chain links, this could be a symbol for how the characters feel trapped by modern day society.

The Persona franchise is big in Japan and has gained popularity in the United States it has spawned two animated movies and two animated series.


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