PS4 vs Xbox One the console war begins.

Black Friday has come and gone along with Thanksgiving turkey has been consumed and shoppers were out in droves to get in on the latest deals that were being offered for

Image courtesy of   tandemsystemsltd

Image courtesy of tandemsystemsltd

the shopping holiday of the year. Stores opened earlier than ever as sales were offered as early as 6 p.m if you do not already count the sales already offered online that almost make going to the store laughable. Either way you see it there is no denying though that two items stood out from the rest and that was the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. After countless pr campaigns and descriptions of what each console would do it was up for the shoppers to decide which would ahead early in the console cycle.

If you are like and many others the idea of a console war is silly both have there upsides and downsides many people will decide to get both at some point and many who own a game computer simply do not care. Either way though it is still important to note how each console does because in only that way will we learn what appeals to a mass audience that would drive them to by a console at launch when price and drops and many new games are to come. These results are only the start as I forsee many changes for this console cycle but only time ill tell.

On Black Friday at Target and Walmart the total sales equated that the Xbox one had 61% of sales between the two consoles.


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