Ms. Hustle vs. Jaz the Rapper

photoThis was the first time that smack had 2 women to be on any URL card in this type of environment.  Two of the top female battle rappers had something to prove in front of this huge male crowd.  I didn’t think that this would be such a good idea but until they started rapping.  Jaz started off with great delivery and a story about Ms. Hustle that made the crowd get on her side.  This was the first time I heard any of these women rap and I was very impress.  Something about Jaz style made me interested in the whole battle.  When Ms. Hustle started, she came across aggressive and had great delivery.  She was a female version of a male battle rapper, loud, getting in tune with the crowd and great stage presence.   When the first round ended, I wasn’t sure who won.  It was that intense. I feel like with the lyrics that Jaz had made her get the first round but you can make an argument on Ms. Hustle because she had some great lyrics as well.  Second round was all Ms. Hustle in my opinion.  She was very consistent and her stage presence showed in that round.  Delivery was very solid and lyrics was on point.  Jaz was consistent.  She basically coasted the second round with her lyrics but still had great material.  The third round was very different for Ms. Hustle.  Didn’t seem like she wanted to do her third round based off of her lyrics and delivery.  For Jaz, it was a story that she told about Ms. Hustle that made the crowd get back on her side.  She really tried to expose her and in this sport that’s what battle rapping is all about.  She won convincingly when the crowd got on her side.  The first female battle goes to Jaz The Rapper. 


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