“You Don’t Know All The Answers”: Kanye West vs Sway

Add yet another rant to Kanye’s very long list.

Only this time the rant was directed towards long friend and former MTV Reporter DJ Sway Calloway. Last Tuesday Kanye stopped by the popular “Sway in the Morning” SiriusXM radio show to discuss upcoming project, Yeezus tour and fashion.

Kanye was recently in the news for a dispute with the major Nike company. So when Sway directed towards this subject during the interview is when things went south when Sway hinted that Kanye needs to start doing things on his own if he really wants to break into the fashion world.

Kanye ends up yelling at Sway screaming “You don’t have all the answers”.

Check out the interview for yourself!


To my surprise Sway kept it really calm with his long time friend. Then shortly after Kanye apologized. It seems these days Kanye is getting more and more frustrated with the world around him


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