About Those See-Through Lululemon Yoga Pants… (They’re Back On Shelves)

(I’m sure this lady knows hers are see-through.) Courtesy of KDKB Arizona.

Lululemon recalled some $98 yoga pants back in March after customers reported they were too sheer. I remember seeing one newscaster put it, “your workout turns into a peep show”. The Christian Science Monitor’s headline was “Namaste Turns Nasty”. Faaaaantastic. You can find more photos of women demonstrating the failure, but I won’t link to them. Anyway, now Lululemon has put those pants back up for sale, and now they’ve taken them back down. Even more ironic? They were trying to be funny by calling them “The Second Chance Pant”.

Personally I think this was an attempt to sell that remaining inventory of them, and the positive message about “celebrating failure” only complements the Lululemon brand. But who knows. We also need to talk about the CEO Chip Wilson, but I’ll address that in another post.


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