We Shouldn’t Be Surprised The CEO of Lululemon is a Jerk, Points Out Colbert

Screenshot courtesy of Comedy Central.

Stephen Colbert’s “Alpha Dog of the Week” is meant to point out jerks. After Lululemon CEO Chip Wilson blamed the sheerness of recalled pants on their customers, Colbert pointed out that nobody should be surprised by the fact that this guy sucks. Click here for video.

Colbert devoted an entire five minutes to Wilson instead of another notable Canadian, Toronto mayor Rob Ford. (This was in the midst of Ford’s scandal and its development). Colbert says we should also know that Wilson is also a total racist. Wilson said IN AN INTERVIEW (does this guy understand what’s socially acceptable and what’s not?) that he purposely put a lot of “L”s in his company’s name because he thought it’d be hilarious to see Asian people try to pronounce it. There’s even a bit about how women on the pill in the 70’s caused the era of divorce. I can’t even dissect that quote because it’s so bizarre.

So there you go. Wilson is sexist, fat-shaming, and racist. But worst of all, this guy has NO business sense.


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