Hezbollah leader assassinated outside Beirut

Hezbollah members carry Laqees' casket. Image courtesy of Reuters.

Hezbollah members carry Laqees’ casket. Image courtesy of Reuters.

Hassane Laqees, a major figure in Hezbollah, a Shiite militant group based out of Lebanon, was assassinated Wednesday outside of Beirut.

Laqees was found dead in his car Wednesday with gunshot wounds indicating a close-range, likely professional hit on the leader. In recent months, Hezbollah has been increasingly involved in the Syrian conflict, funneling arms into the nation. While no groups have taken responsibility for his murder, Hezbollah has done little to make friends in recent years, whether in Israel, Saudi Arabia or with the many Syrian insurgency groups they were battling.

Laqees was known as the group’s telecommunications network director, often working to secure strategic weapons and communications for Hezbollah. Hezbollah is currently facing a “convergence of hostilities” due to their their involvement in the Syrian war. A close ally of both Iran and Syria’s governments, the group has been increasingly at-odds with Sunni militants as well as Jewish groups.


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