Series I’d like to see from Marvel and DC

I’m probably coming off as a bit of a DC fanboy but let’s be real, every time I look at DC, they’re doing at least one or two things right. Marvel (apart from the New X-Men series) is completely devoid of anything even halfway decent at the moment. So here’s the list, these are the series I could see being amazing at these companies and they’d be smart to take notice.

1. The Creeper


I get that DC is really busy with their 13 Batman titles and 7 Superman titles, but they’ve clearly never given the creeper a chance. Introduce him as more than just a supporting character and your audience will surprise you with the response you get. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are perfect examples of this. They’re cocky, arrogant, funny, and don’t actually have superpowers, but you gave them some room to expand and Ted Kord reached a satisfying conclusion with viewers in The Omac Project. Booster Gold saved the multiverse and continues to be a fantastic character in his series with Rip Hunter time master! Well, unless…

2.Rip Hunter and Booster Gold

rip hunter

What the hell?!? This was a great series spinning off from the series 52 and Grant Morrison’s epic Final Crisis and nobody bothered to keep it going mid-arc??? And you didn’t even replace it with something good! Jonah Hex is an awful character and All-Star Western is boring, no one is reading that book, I guarantee it. Having said that, give it another chance after Justice League International was cancelled it’s not like you had something lined for Booster Gold anyhow. As far as I could tell, You at least need Rip and Booster to explain why New 52 happened or the repercussions of being in the new 52 which would best be described Doc Brown style, due to Rip’s over abundance of chalkboards.




There was a while when Grant Morrison was writing Batman where I didn’t see the Joker for almost a year before returning as Oberon Sexton in Batman & Robin, during which Bruce Wayne was thought dead by hero and villain alike. He actually fought with Batman & Robin against the main villain Dr. Hurt and it occurred to me in that moment, why not have the Joker be a hero. Marvel’s Loki Agent of Asgard series is doing it already, nobody loves villains hurting the hero but somehow when villains go after other villains people go crazy. Of course to match the Joker it would have to be a pretty significant threat, like some monastic order of a similar motif opposite the bat like oh, I don’t know… owls?

5. World’s Finest Thomas Wayne & Jor-El

Jor-El fighting cronies in the new superman movie:

Thomas Wayne


It occurred to a couple of friends and I recently that Thomas Wayne (seen above) is as tortured and demented as his son Bruce as Batman. While at the same time we thought about Krypton and wondered if there was ever a Kryptonian Green Lantern. It then seems that in an isolated story it would be interesting to flesh out two characters as a team book when in current continuity (and pretty much their whole history has been relegated to being a catalyst for the original World’s Finest, Batman and Superman.

6. Venom


Recently Venom has been making a comeback, he’s just been added to the core group of guardians of the galaxy, and has made an appearance in the Superior Spiderman books, but in a world where Spiderman’s body is occupied by Doc-Ock’s mind it seems pointless to bring in a villain with a spider motif right? Wrong! That’s an awesome thing to do! Even in the movies it would be cool to have him done right (Damn you Topher Grace) and to allow Venom a reprieve of his solo series in the 80s once again. But if a movie was in talks it should probably go something like this fan film:

7. Luke Cage/ Punisher

Again here’s another short film depicting how to do a character justice, this time with former Punisher star Thomas Jane:

Luke Cage and the Punisher would make such a perfect team up book. Neither one currently has its own series and in the film and tv realm it could very much be said that neither one has proven their stripes (pending Netflix’s new series around Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.) But more importantly neither one really seems over powered and the stories you could tell outside the fighting and villainy, the humanizing side of being a superhero would really bring Marvel back to its roots.



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