The Green, The Red, and The Rot: An Evolution of Animal Man and Swamp Thing

I’m a huge fan of Grant Morrison, but even he is still just a man and sometimes his stuff just flat out sucks. *ahem* BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM *cough* So when my friend Seth suggested I give Grant Morrison’s run on Animal Man a chance, I was skeptical. For one, it’s about a hero as popular if not a little less so than Blue Beetle and Booster Gold who is basically a better version of Aquaman. Two, the whole family man background that he has gets really annoying after the first give or take five minutes, and I am so over his indecisive wife and her nagging.

But most of all, Buddy Baker aka Animal Man isn’t even supposed to be ANIMAL MAN. His daughter is the “chosen one”.  She’s the Christ allegory in this amazingly descriptive and dangerous horror comic. So why is it worth the read?

The Evolution of where Buddy Baker gains his powers, The Red and the introduction of bringing a plant like faction as well known as the Green, whose Champion is Swamp Thing! And of Course, The Rot creatures that can and do inhabit others bodies and make all my worst fears of the film The Thing come to life.

But even better than that, the story is amazing and flawless in the way it envelopes everything it would take to be a regular person and to have super powers at the same time. If nothing else, admire the art it took to make awesome covers like these:

animalman01_cover4 ANMAN_Cv10 rotworld-secret-cover


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