Happy (Belated) Birthday Illinois!

As usual I am a few days late,  but this time I am very upset in what I have missed. This week I completely skipped over my home state if Illinois birthday.  Illinois officially became a state on December 3,1818.  Illinois is now 195 years old! So in honor of this  here are 19.5 fun facts about Illinois.

  1. Illinois became the 21st state in the Union on December 3, 1818.
  2. The name Illinois comes from a Native American tribe from the area.
  3. Chicago, Illinois is home to the worlds first skyscraper which was built in 1895.
  4. In 1865 Illinois was the first state to nationally abolish slavery by being the first to ratify the 13th ammendment.
  5. Illinois has 102 counties
  6. The state bird is the cardinal
  7. Illinois’ first silo was built in Spring Grove, IL.
  8. The state  dance is the square dance
  9. The state flower is the violet
  10. “State Sovereignty, National Union,” is the state motto.
  11. The state fruit is the Goldrush Apple
  12. The state snack is popcorn
  13. Illinois is the home of the  world’s largest library, the Chicago Public Library
  14. The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates happened in Illinois
  15. The state animal is the white tale deer.
  16. The 16th (Abraham Lincoln) and 44th (Barack Obama) are from the state.
  17. Two cities, Evanston and Plainfield Illinois claim to be the home of the ice cream sundae.
  18. The state tree is the white oak.
  19. Walt Disney was born in Chicago, IL

0.5  The Ohio Valley Conference football winners, the Eastern Illinois Panthers are located there.



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