Marvel Zombies Review Pt. II

Now I only have a couple of quick notes on this, but for instance, why do we never see any villains apart from Magneto fighting off regular zombified humans? Or any regular zombified humans for that matter… It seems to me that a world with 7 billion people, but only about 300 self described super humans, would be more concerned about the whole world being zombified rather than a couple of “super-zombies”.

But this also brings up a very good point about zombie motivations. What do they really want? Is it brains? maybe its just forced cannibalism? Since they reference “the hunger” as being insatiable that would be my guess. And since humans are the only non-effected food source for zombies, that’s why there aren’t anymore humans. So essentially this specific type of zombie virus only affects superheroes/villains and they devour everyone. This all makes sense except in two cases:

1. Not every superhero has powers in the Marvel Universe (Or in the DC Universe for that matter), observe:

black widow Black Widow

2003_daredevil_016 Elektra

Thomas-Jane-The-Punisher The Punisher

?????????????????????????????????? Hawkeye

All of these heroes have basically the same skill set, they’re master assassins i.e., they’re really good at killing people. So none of them would have superpowers anyway, and yet Hawkeye and Tony Stark are still infected but not eaten alive. But Nick Fury is eaten and he is also in this same skill set as well, is he not considered to be a superhero? Then what are all of these people?

2. There are specific heroes and villains with unique abilities (e.g. mutations, powers, armor, etc.) which would allow them to remain uninfected and yet we still see several of these characters as being turned throughout the series. Such as:

the_wolverine_movie-review-2013-4 Wolverine- Due to the adamantium graft onto his skeleton, Wolverine has been given a regenerative healing factor which has in the past, literally recovered from terrestrial diseases, nuclear radiation, the eradication of all his vital organs and tissue leaving Wolverine an adamantium laced skeleton in the woods during the Civil War arc, and at several points withstanding Jean Grey’s Phoenix powers and Magneto removing the metal from his body. There is simply no way his healing factor couldn’t fight off a zombie virus.

Deadpool x-man-lady-deathstrike-image 2009_x-men_wolverine_009

Likewise, characters who have either been experimented on within the Weapons X program or have the adamantium grafted skeleton or regeneration of Wolverine such as Deadpool, Deathstrike, or Sabretooth are also immune from zombie diseases for the same reasons. Now sure, you could be saying, whoa that’s too many characters to include in this epic, but consider the fact that Kirkman spends several pages outlining Black Panther’s story of being cut up and eaten, before his escape and subsequent rendezvous with the Acolytes, Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants.


Venom- The alien symbiotic that forms with any host apart from making the host a roided-out version of Spiderman, also protects the host and itself when it is in danger. As an alien armor, you would think Venom would be able to fight off a terrestrial disease like zombies. Because once the host is infected, the symbiotic wouldn’t work. Even Spiderman (who is not wearing a symbiote) becomes completely useless as a result of his powers diminishing, even to the point of running out of webbing.

captain_america_winter_soldier_costume_l hulk The_Abomination

Captain America is the prime example of this other category of heroes and villains which I would consider exempt, but in the series are just as susceptible to it as anyone else. The super soldiers; formulas, chemicals, and even some forms of radiation are involved in any of these characters’ histories. But in doing so, they make them almost almost invincible in the sense that they have heightened strength, agility, endurance, healing, etc. In this alternate world, Colonel America (their version of Captain A) is one of the first ones bitten! Hulk is also infected pretty much at the very start, despite being immune to pretty much all diseases on Earth and beyond along with his doppelgänger, the Abomination.

Overall though, despite these inconsistencies, it is a great series and I would highly recommend it to anyone seriously into zombies, marvel, or both. Lol get it? Cause its called “Marvel Zombies”.


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