Nelson Mandela: a great man

Nelson Mandela died this week. This is not news, as it has already made its rounds on social media.  It is terribly sad and important to remember this great man and and all he did for humanity. I found this photo slide show on NBC news and think it does a good job of explaining why Mandela was so significant. Along with commemorating Mandela himself, I also want to shed light on the women of Mandela’s life, particulary his wives and daughters. Mandela was married to 3 different women during his long life, Evelyn Mase (through 1958)Winnie Madikizela-Mandela  (1958-1996)  and Graça Machel (1998- current). He also had 4 daughters (Makaziwe MandelaZenani MandelaZindziswa Mandela ,Josina Z. Machel) and 3 sons.  We remember Mandela for the great man he was.


Mandela and Graca Machel visit the London School of Economics.


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