“The Doctor” is Dramatic, Dramatic is Cool.


Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary November 23rd, 2013.  The episode, “The Day of the Doctor.” was aired that day on BBC and featured all the Doctors from the series, focused on the 10th, David Tennat, and 11th Doctor, Mat Smith, and introducing a new Doctor.

The War Doctor, played by John Hurt, is what the “new” Doctor was called.  This form of the Doctor was the form that was in the Time War against the Daleks.  This Doctor was never seen in ny part of the series, except near the end of the episode before the 50th called, “The Name of the Doctor” where the War Doctor was first seen near the very end.

This was a two hour long episode that had many Whovians, Doctor Who fans, glued to the screen.  Recently, this episode hit a milestone for not just Doctor Who, but for television shows worldwide.

To see the award being presented to Matt Smith on the world record click here.

The Doctor Who 50th episode was named biggest drama of the year so far.  On the air date, 10.2 million viewers were recorded watching this episode and and even more 12.8 million people have watched it since then.


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