5 Marvel Movies I’d like to see

1. Black Panther


Ok, we have already established Vibranium and the existence of Wakanda in Captain America and Iron Man II. What else does it take to make T’Challa a real person in the Marvel Universe?! Marvel needs this movie and there are plenty of talented black actors who could be amazing for the role! Just to name a few:

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje


Dennis Haysbert


Harold Perrineau


2. Doctor Strange

This would be an awesome film to capitalize on the mystic world of the Marvel Universe with. Let’s face it, without Thor no one would’ve cared, but now that you know you have a base for it why not? And let’s be honest, there’s only one person worth casting here. Viggo Mortenson! They even look alike:


3. Captain Britain

captain britain

Not that this means it’ll be an instant hit, but this is one of the few (maybe only) creations originally by Alan Moore in the Marvel Universe. A mystic british Captain America? Oh come on, that would be amazing! And there again, plenty of actors to choose from, like Daniel Craig or Gerard Butler. Hell at this point I’d even settle for Charlie Hunnam.

4. Deadpool


Once Ryan Reynolds plays a fantasy character it seems like the movie can’t even recover. First Deadpool, then Green Lantern, Now RIPD. I don’t understand how you can even mess up Green Lantern, but in any case Deadpool… The thing about Deadpool is he’s a mercenary with a mouth. He HAS TO BE ABLE TO TALK. So retcon (erase) all that crap in Wolverine Secret Origins and rebuild the character as a wise cracking assassin who likes to break the fourth wall, you don’t even have to make it a big movie, just it as a small independent like this short film.

5. Daredevil II: Without Fear or Punisher Sequel

dd punisher

Holy crap a 1970s version of Daredevil like Joe Carnahan was planning would be awesome! At the same time, I kinda feel like Ben Affleck can’t play it again due to his commitment to play Batman now, however Karl Urban could be an amazing Daredevil (he’s already played Judge Dredd, he could totally do it!)

But after that Punisher short with Thomas Jane, I think he’s earned a shot at redemption. After all, Marvel has made two awful Ghost Rider movies with Nicholas Cage and one terrible Punisher movie with Ray Stevenson. Don’t believe me? Watch this.


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