Batmen of All Nations

Back in the 1950s when Batman was going through its copy post WWII phase, someone create the Batmen of All Nations concept. Essentially, there was at least one Batman-themed hero from every continent but only met every so often to compare between themselves their crime fighting skills and such.

So it should come as no surprise that during Morrison’s run of Batman he drastically revised the group to having only 9 members besides Batman and Robin while repurposing them as the foundation of Batman Incorporated. This was a really cool way to integrate this idea back into the series and as a result gave us  new characters like:

The Knight and Squire


El Gaucho


and the Native American Duo Man of Bats and Little Raven



Unfortunately many of the more minor members of the group have been killed since its beginning during the Black Glove story arc but I like the idea of repurposing other ideas from a character’s past. Even since Batman Incorporated’s run Morrison has added:

David Zavimbi, the Batman of Africa

African Batman


The Hood, the Batman of England



And Wingman, who had a secret identity but before too long exposed himself as someone very close to the Bat family:



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