BP Strikes Again

As the headline suggests, BP, British Petroleum Oil Co. has done something idiotic and horrendous yet again, but this time it isn’t another oil spill like in 2012–no, no, this one happened in house to one of their own executive members.

BP has fired an African-American woman for wearing “ethnic” clothing and hairstyles  such as Dashiki’s and braids/cornrows; however, the story doesn’t end there, reportedly, once fired, BP hired a white male counterpart to replace the woman who’s now suing BP. Here’s a quote from The Root states in the suit, a fellow employer said to the woman, “You intimidate and make your colleagues uncomfortable by wearing ethnic clothing and ethnic hairstyles,” according to the lawsuit.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a black person has been fired or sometimes not even hired over ethnic hairstyles; first of all, most people know that when going to work or interviews one has to dress for the part. However, when did wearing braids, a staple hairstyle within the African-American culture start becoming something of offense and unprofessionalism. Traditionally, the Afro has been seen as militant and radical since its history in the 70s with cornrows being it’s more mellower cousin, so what’s so intimidating about said cornrows if that was the hairstyle in question?

BP should take a page from other cultures and learn to be more accepting, let’s be honest, It’s unsure of how many more public hits the company can take, with nearly destroying an entire eco system, and now firing a black person over expressing herself culturally–someone get President Obama on the phone –no, no, even better, Michelle Obama, she knows just how to handle these types of situations. After all, she handled Kanye West in an open letter to Ebony quite elegantly last October.


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