Co-creator of the Legion of Super-Heroes and Supergirl, Al Plastino, died at 91

Al Plastino draws in his house at the age of 91. He was the famous co-creator of Supergirl.

Al Plastino draws in his house at the age of 91. He was the famous co-creator of Supergirl.

The comic community lost one of its most acclaimed DC Comics artists on Nov. 26 who co-created the Legion of Superheroes and Supergirl. Al Plastino suffered from prostate cancer and is mourned by the comic reading community.

Mr. Plastino is survived by his wife, Annmarie Perkins; a son, Fred; three daughters, Janice Iapaolo, Arlene Podlesny and MaryAnn Plastino-Charles, who confirmed the death; and six grandchildren.

Plastino was recently in the news after having settled a lawsuit with Heritage Auctions. With the help of Dale Cendali, a pro-bono lawyer who has worked with comic book artist, he sued Heritage because they sold a piece of his, which he did not authorize.

Plastino originally donated “Superman’s Mission for President Kennedy,” a favorited piece of his made around the time Kennedy was killed, to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library at Harvard University. It is unclear how it ended up in private hands, Heritage. In fact, their was no record of the library even having it in the collection. 

A private owner bought the piece for $5,000 and was selling it for $20,000.  Cendali sued in order to get the identity of the seller. The company instead withdrew the art from sale and returned it to the cosignor. The Plastino Family said they just wanted to see the art go to the museum for everyone to see and for the private owner to do the right thing. No further suits were taken.

Other than that trying time, Plastino enjoyed most of his life skatching paintings of Monets and Michaelangelos in his early youth. His father dropped him off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where he would sketch what he saw. His  father had to care for him most of his life because his mother died when he was 6-years-old. 

While his life had come to an end his most famous characters live on.


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