Lack of leading cast black women

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed watching TV shows and sitcoms, it’s that there’s a lack of black female leads; with the exception of ABC’s Scandal written by Shonda Rhimes who’s also written the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, prior to that, there was a huge lack of the roles.

Traditionally in TV shows, the black woman was usually seen as the supporting role, much like their male counterparts–unless he’s cast as a gang banger or drug dealer. Also, that’s the other thing, sometimes, if their even cast at all, their that negative stereotypical role of the loudmouth baby mama, which is not OK.

Recently, SNL did a parody calling attention to their lack of a female roles by casting the lead actress in Scandal, Kerry Washington as every role that demanded being acted out by a black woman. SNL acknowledged that they don’t have any roles for black women, the show’s producer Lorne Micheals commented on the matter to the Associated Press stating “It’s not like it’s a priority for us, it will happen. I’m sure it will happen,” he said.


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