Mr. West went South

Kanye West, media’s most expressive to say the least target has made another arrogant and self-centered comment about himself and his family; however the person he angered wasn’t your average John Smith, no, it was none other than Michelle Obama herself.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, West spoke with him with many things ranging from what his favorite album was, to the whole Taylor Swift incident and even now his new wife, Kim Kardashian can rock a bikini on Instagram better than Mrs. Obama.

Kanye has said and done some crazy things in front of the media, but to say out loud, that your wife can rock a bikini better than the President’s wife to a journalist, knowing it’s going to be published is insane.

So, here’s what Mrs. Obama had to say about it, and she wasn’t too happy to say the least about how she felt about Mr. West and his media antics.


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