Broke and Bored During the Holidays?

They are the answer to both during the holiday season.  Why?  Well let me explain…

When the tv shows are old and the internet is not of interest to you and you are too broke and cold to do or go anywhere else, you are bored.  When you are bored, you want to do something fun and that will keep you busy but yet will be worth you time in the end.  So look around your home to see what you have and try to come up with ideas on what to make.  Something simple even.

The thing is, anyone can craft and I mean anyone.  Some people say they are not creative and can’t.  I think that is horse poop.  Everyone is creative just in there own way.

You do not know what to do with your craft but think it is awesome and someone will like it and would you look at that it is the holidays or someone’s birthday?  Well isn’t that convenient?

Now just wrap that sucker up and give it to them.  They will like it cuz you made it and if they don’t then just give them puppy dogs eyes.

It is a win win situation here.

Happy Holidays!


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