It’s The Final Countdown…

..But do not overstress yourself.

Seriously that is the worst thing you can do during finals week.  I know that for my school, Eastern Illinois University, we are going through finals currently.  Some many go through them next week and other many be already done.

Either way, over stressing will not be good for you.  Why?  Because it will cause you to get a real headache and you might study more then you need and when the test comes you know stuff you didn’t even need to know.

Other stuff you looked at a bunch of time but because you refused to take a break you forgot it the next day.

Breaks are good.  They help your brain relax and soak in the previous information.

And for goodness sake SLEEP!

So many students lose big amounts of sleep over finals.  If you do not get rest, your brain will not have time to rest and will feel over work, causing it to not work as well the next day.  Other times you can fall asleep during the test and not do well.

How do I know all this?
I went through it myself and I have learned from my mistakes.

Now do I still do them?  Many times yes out of habit.  Then I tell myself that I need to take a break a usb myself to do so.

SO please do well but also take care of yourself because you are important.


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