Twitter Assignment: Disney

I have created a Disney list and am currently following 29 people.  A few examples are on Twitter @DisneyInfinity @Disney Post @DisneyMobile @DisneyPixar @FrozenFans @TWDCjobs.  So far a lot of posts have included news and images from the new Disney film titled Frozen.  I have seen the film and believe Disney has created another sing along film that speaks to children and adults.  The film is genuinely funny, has amazing affects and the colors are very vivid and clear.  Most of these twitter people are through the Disney corporation itself, but a few are people who follow and report about Disney news and upcoming events.  Through this experience so far I have learned about a few upcoming jobs that are available through Disney.  In particular, the company is looking for a new Tinker Bell impersonator to act as the fairy at their Disney World park.  I have also learned that the movie Frozen and it’s music have become so popular that a sing along film will come out on Friday, January 31.  There are discussions/articles available on how technology has influenced the workforce and made it easier, as well as articles about creativity which asks if everyone has it naturally or if it is a learned/talent based aspect.  Overall, I have learned a lot about Disney as a corporation, Disney parks and activities available, new and popular Disney films and music, and the opinions and views that Disney employees question and ask their followers.  I look forward to learning more about everything Disney in the future!      


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