Following metalheads on Twitter

In the interest of blogging, I promised to keep you up-to-date on the latest in rock and metal news for the rest of the semester. And like any good student, I intend to keep my promise, so long as I am getting graded for it and it does not interfere with my periodic mental breakdowns. 

But seriously, I love listening to heavy music.  That’s one of the few things keeping the breakdowns periodic, not daily.  I’m sure other metalheads can relate that nothing is more calming after a stressful day than a good face-melting.

However, before I can keep you informed, I need to keep myself informed. Although I love reading extended features, album updates and reviews in awesome magazines like Revolver, I need to keep myself informed between issues, and in a way that will save valuable “studying” time. So, I chose roughly 20 new names to follow on Twitter:

  1. Rock and Metal News (@diehardrocknews)
  2. Big Cheese Magazine (@BigCheeseMag)
  3. Eddie Trunk (@EddieTrunk)
  4. Kerrang! Magazine (@KerrangMagazine)
  5. Alternative Press (@AltPress)
  6. MetalRockNews (@Metal_Rock_News)
  7. Noisecreep (@noisecreep)
  8. Loudwire (@Loudwire)
  9. MetalSucks (@metalsucks)
  10.  BraveWords (@BraveWords666)
  11. Metal Injection (@metalinjection)
  12. Metal Music News (@hvymtlmusicnews)
  13. Rolling Stone (@RollingStone)
  14. Inside Metal Music (@InsideMetal)
  15. (@metalundergroun)
  16. Metal Sanaz (@metalsanaz)
  17. Juliya Chernetsky (@MistressJuliya)
  18. Full Metal Jackie (@FullMetalJackie)
  19. Death Metal (@DeathMetalNews)
  21. Metal Hammer (@MetalHammer)
  22. Revolver Magazine (@Revolvermag)

(Go to my Twitter to follow them too, if you want)

I might be less attached-at-the-hip to Twitter than other media-focused students. In fact, we are probably more like step siblings than Siamese twins, in that we were introduced after I was born into the world of journalism, and we accept each other, though things are somewhat awkward and we’d rather keep our distance.

People with smart phones probably have an easier time staying close to Twitter.  Trying to use it more regularly, I have to remind myself when I log on to my computer between checking emails and other things to also check my Twitter feed. And honestly, I think I’m getting used to it, and I’m actually finding Twitter quite useful.

News sites like BLABBERMOUTH.NET tweet links to audio interviews with bands, which are really cool to listen to, especially for someone like me who aspires to interview leaders of heavy music myself.

I recently found a link to an interview with Jesse Leach about his return to Killswitch Engage on last year’s Disarm the Descent. When I sat down to review that album, I had no idea Leach actually turned the band down at first when they asked him to rejoin, only to audition when he realized he didn’t want a third singer to step in after Howard Jones’ departure. Finding out information like this via Twitter can definitely help you to understand albums on the whole.

Also, various other news sites tweet links to new music videos, concert footage and information about upcoming albums. 

I followed a few music journalists like Full Metal Jackie, Eddie Trunk and Mistress Juliya; they mostly tweet about what bands will be on their shows, which is cool if you’d like to tune in and hear what they have to say. Mostly though, I will be looking at the online-based news sites for most of my news to bring to you guys. I’ve found that the magazines are better at long, print stories than tweeting.


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