My Twitter Experience

Twitter is a fantastic way to stay updated on the latest trends and news around the world.

With my topic being fashion I chose to follow these twitter accounts:thezoereport, MichaelKors, AustinScarlett, RachelZoe, LoveMondoTrasho, SethAaronPR7, Cocorocha, FashionUnitedUK, ComplexMag, Wmag, Caradelevingne, FashionMonUSA, MirandaKerr, KellyOsbourne, Puravidabracelets, e_fashionpolice, CSiriano, TimGunn, Project Runway, Lupita_Nyongo, HowToDressCute.

After looking over all of these accounts I found that all of them had information that will be helpful to me while blogging throughout the semester. I chose to follow a few smaller, up and coming designers and then some big dogs in the fashion industry. The newer designers have fresh ideas that will be fun to write about, while the well-known figures in the fashion industry such as Tim Gunn, will offer me useful opinions about the latest trends and introduce me to new designers that they support. Based on the tweets I have seen so far from these twitter accounts, all of these fashionable figures will be able to offer me valuable insight on the fashion industry.


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