Twitter Experience

To be a better photographer, it is important to study other photographer’s work. By following all these new photographers and businesses on Twitter, I am actually learning more about what I love.

I have followed several news organizations for photojournalism examples such as NBC News Pictures, AP Images, NYT Photo, Sports Illustrated and WSJ Photos. I am also following individuals like Andy Gray, Rick Sammon and Mikko Takkunen.

After weeks of following these pages and people, I have realized several things. For example, the news sources tweet more than individuals. They tweet more pictures and examples of their work. I also follow the original news Twitter feeds such as Washington Post and The Associated Press. Most of the time, photographs appear with the original story through those news Twitter feeds, so those are great sources as well.

However, the individuals give more photography tips and skills rather than actual photographs. They tweet about camera equipment, apps and photoshop skills.

I also noticed that only the individuals retweet, and usually only when it is about themselves. There is not much interaction between any of the new people I have followed.

Canon USA Imaging is my favorite. They retweet, offer prizes, announce contests, share helpful tips, show photographs, news, equipment information and they tweet often. They are definitely the most interactive and informative.

Mikko Takkunen, a photo editor at TIME magazine, is also extremely informational. He is always tweeting new pictures of great news value. It helps me by viewing great photojournalism, but he also keeps me up to date on current events.

I think this is a good combination of advice and examples that will help me write my blog. It also makes me a better student in photography!

Below is a list of the organizations and people I have been following on Twitter this semester:

1. NBC News Pictures @NBCNewsPictures
2. LA Times Photography @latimesphotos
3. Mikko Takkunen @photojournalism
4. Style Me Pretty @stylemepretty
5. History In Pictures @HistoryInPics
6. Getty Images @GettyImages
7. The Big Picture @big_picture
8. Scott Kelby @ScottKelby
9. Scott Bourne @scottbourne
10. @AP_Images
11. Sports Illustrated @SInow
12. ESPN @espn
13. TIME LightBox @timepictures
14. Lisa Bettany @mostlylisa
15. NYT Photo @nytimesphoto
16. Canon USA Imaging @CanonUSAimaging
17. Rick Sammon @ricksammon
18. WSJ Photos @WSJphotos
19. NASA HQ PHOTO @nasahqphoto
20. Andy Gray @si_vault





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