Knicks get bucked and blazed

J.R. SmithThe NBA’s worst team embarrassed the Knicks this past week, the Milwaukee Bucks.

On Monday the Bucks beat the Knicks 101-98 in Milwaukee. The Buck’s Brandon Knight led the team in scoring with 25. Khris Middleton scored 19 to help the team as well.

Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith led the Knicks in scoring with 36 and 30 a points. Anthony and Smith did all they could, but didn’t receive much help with the next highest point tally being 7 points from three different players.

The Knicks failed at making up the Bucks loss when they lost 94-90 at home against the Portland Trail Blazers Wednesday.

Portland’s Nicolas Batum 20 points, while Wesley Matthews had 18.

Anthony and Smith led the Knicks in scoring once again with 26 and 18 points.

The Knicks hope to end their three-game losing streak Friday against the Denver Nuggets and at Oklahoma City on Sunday.


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