Silhouettes are simple photographs that can make a strong statement. They are used to capture mystery, emotion and mood.

The basic idea of a silhouette is to place your subject in front of a light source and trick your camera into focusing on the bright light instead of the subject. This causes your subject to be blacked out.


Pick a Strong Subject:

Make sure you choose a subject that has a strong and recognizable two-dimensional shape that will be interesting for viewers.

Light from behind:

Silhouettes are the opposite from every normal photograph you will take. Instead of lighting the front of the subject, you need the light to illuminate the back of the subject.


While posing your subject, be aware of the other elements in the photograph. For example, when photographing a person make sure they aren’t standing in front of a tree. Otherwise, the two will merge into one shape, making it unrecognizable.

Also, if you are photographing people, do not have them looking straight forward. By photographing their profiles, they become more recognizable by their features.

Good lighting:

A good time to shoot silhouette photographs is during sunset or sunrise.


The most important thing to remember is separating your subject from your background. The contrast and separation will make the subject stand out.


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