Canon Tips

@CanonUSAimaging is the official Twitter handle for Canon USA, Inc. They are a great source to follow for news, events, product information and of course photography tips. Here are some great tips from @CanonUSAimaging!

1. “When photographing kids, always try to get down on their level; portraits taken at kid-height better capture a sense of fun! #TipoftheDay”

2. “Black velvet is a perfect choice for a texture-free backdrop when doing product photography; it keeps the focus on your items! #TipoftheDay”

3. “You can reduce the risk of red eye by asking your subject to look toward a bright light before snapping. #TipoftheDay”

4. “Watch the background of your photo! Keep it clean, simple and clutter free to retain focus on the subject. #TipoftheDay”

5. “Photographing sports? Try panning (moving in sync with the subject) to show movement and create a more interesting image. #TipoftheDay”

6. “To help prevent your PIXMA printer’s print head from becoming clogged, be sure to print at least once a month. #TipoftheDay”

7. “Want gentler indoor flash? Aim your Speedlite toward the ceiling instead of your subject; you’ll get more flattering light! #TipoftheDay”

8. “No tripod? Brace the came against your chest, take 2 deep breaths, and exhale hard before depressing the shutter=steadier shots! #TipoftheDay”

For more tips like these, be sure to follow @CanonUSAimaging on Twitter!


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