Benefits of Running

Ever since I came to college, I have realized more and more how important it is to take good care of your body. This could mean eating healthier, being more active, reducing stress, and getting the proper amount of sleep. However I have found that not only is running amazing for your body, it has also helped me feel like a healthier and happier person.

There are many benefits to running, but I am going to focus on just one for now. This one benefit is how running increases a person’s physical strength. Running helps with building strength in your muscles, tendons, lower body, and ligaments, which will help reduce the effects of fatigue and aging. Building physical strength from running will definitely help prevent any future injuries to the body.Image

I hurt both my knees freshman year of college. Even though sometimes I still struggle with them, I can feel myself getting stronger. I am able to run longer and sometimes harder without having as much pain, if any at all. I have definitely built up my physical strength since I became a runner.


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